Rich UI, Real Hot, in Silverlight.

From your vision, no matter how unique, to interactive UI in your App.

What can you do?

As an Integrator, a.k.a Devigner, or Production Designer, I bring technical understanding and design sensibilies to take Designer Comps and make them into pixel perfect computer UI

For how much?

Available for out-of-hours work. Email to discuss: JasimSchluter [at]

What's in it for me?

  • Get to market faster.

  • Keep Agile in your UI Development.

  • Stand out in your market.

  • Have complete control over the look of your app.

  • Resulting in Happy Users.

  • Get Designers and Developers communicating.

  • Get the job done right the first time.

Why should I trust you?

  • Silverlight developer for eMite "BI for IT" on their Silverlight Dashboard.

  • Trusted by Fujitsu Australia. on enterprise Silverlight Applicaiton.

  • The Head of the SDDN Usergroup Sydney

  • Certified MCTS in Silverlight

  • Trainer of two Silverlight training courses,

Any recognition?

2010 SA State AIIA IAward Winner (Start-up Award)

"I would recommend you to others because of our satisfaction with your service and look forward to doing business with you again should the opportunity arise."
- John Hornsey (Senior Business Analysis, Health Support Services, NSW)
2010 SA State AIIA IAward Award (Start-up Award)

Who have you done this for?

Fujitsu: Turned PSD files into Silverlight interactive application ui.

Dept. Health NSW: Consulted on UI in Agile fasion.

Contact me at: JasimSchluter [at]


Sample: Silverlight 3D Voxel Drawing toolSilverlight 3D Voxel drawing tool

Metro Style Examples

Kinect Examples

Blacklight Controls: Silverlight and WPF Controls and Dashboard (Over 1400 Downloads!)

Simple Silverlight Webcam POC with Javascript intergration.

Want to see more?

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Come over to the SDDN at:


Why the name Blender3DLive?

Blender3DLive has a long term vision of taking Blender 3D like modeling features online.